Columbine Quilt

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This Quilt was brought forth with the help of many people who joined together in the hope to heal a wound that was felt across the world.


   As discussed in the Usenet group Rec.Crafts.Textiles.Quilting, this quilt was made to comfort the mourners of the Columbine shooting tragedy.


The participants are from all across our nation and beyond its borders.

   Guidelines were established for quilt blocks that were to be sent to Carolyn Lanzkron who organized this effort. The blocks were then sent to Christine Tesauro who designed the layout and pieced it. The pieced quilt found it's way to the door of Christi Tompkins who quilted the center block. The rest of the quilt was quilted in Arlington, Tx. by Sandy Ellison.

    Joan Diamond presented our work to Alisa Zahller who works with The Colorado Historical Society.  

    You can see the quilt when you visit the Colorado History Museum.


   The centerpiece for this quilt was made by Leslie Schneider. The batting was donated by  Judy Beavers. The backing was donated by Christi Tompkins and 2.5 yds of gray fabric was donated by Barbara York. The binding was donated by Sandy Mercado.

    This quilt would not have made it to Colorado with out the monetary donation of many quilters on RCTQ.