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The Guidelines

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    Many expressed concern about their quilting/piecing skills but this project was not about matching corners. The blocks were made as well as the participants could and were sent knowing that they were made to comfort the mourners.  As with the James Byrd Jr. Reconciliation Quilt (JBJQ) some of the blocks received were masterpieces, others were very simple. Every one of them was made from the heart of its maker.

    There were no restriction on colors or design. 100% cotton fabric was requested. The blocks made were 6.5" square (6" finished size, w/ a .25"perimeter as seam allowance). Some 12.5" squares were accepted since this size better expressed the quilter's sentiments.

    The blocks were signed by the quilter and most added a message. This was optional.

    There was a subset of people who wanted to make square for one or more of the victims and for this we had a Victims sign up sheet.

    The deadline for the submission was Sunday, May 16th 1999.

    The finished blocks were placed in a plastic baggie/wrap to protect them from bad weather and sent to Carolyn Lanzkron in Ma.